To succeed in selling insurance, regardless of whether you have been in business for a long time or are just starting out, you need to contact clients and prospects regularly. Studies indicate that to achieve a maximum return on investment, you should contact your database 12-17 times per year. The following are some great marketing tools and programs to help you do just that!

Selling Insurance: Beginner

For those just starting out (or for those on a tighter budget), be sure to focus first on your past clients, as they are the lifeblood of your business. Statistics show that increasing client retention by a mere 5% can boost profits by as much as 95%. Ready to boost your profits? To make the most of selling insurance in any market, begin by implementing these introductory marketing ideas:

  • Monthly Client Retention Postcards – Show your past clients you care about them and their insurance needs by sending a monthly postcard; make it known you will take care of their referrals and are available to answer any questions. Some postcards to consider:
    • - New Client Welcome Postcards – This series offers a great way to welcome new clients to your insurance family and remind them about why they chose you for all of their insurance needs.
    • - Multi-Policy Discount Postcards – Promote and grow your insurance business by educating your past clients about how they can save on insurance premiums by adding policies based on their additional insurance needs.
  • Digital Newsletter – People love receiving household tips, recipes and health advice; be the one to send it to them in a digital newsletter guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Digital newsletters are the most cost-effective way to reach a large number of people, helping you reach your marketing goals efficiently.

Contacting your past clients with these great marketing tools will make keeping in touch seem effortless and easy.

Selling Insurance: Intermediate

If you are an established insurance agent who knows the value of marketing, you are most likely already implementing the above marketing tools. To step things up a notch and achieve greater success in selling insurance products and services, add the following products to your established marketing routine:

  • Quarterly Newsletters – Send your clients fresh new content each month, featuring full color editorial and enough space for use in joint marketing efforts. Newsletters are personalized with your contact information, photo, and logo, and can include special offers or news on local events. There are two versions to choose from:
    • Clients For Life – Keep your clients for life with a newsletter containing keepable information on home, health, recipes and economic news.
    • Professional Image – Focusing on financial updates, new technology, and travel, this newsletter also gives you the option of customizing additional articles.
  • Monthly Prospecting Postcards – Call prospects to action with postcards designed to catch their eye and increase their response rate. Consider some of these postcard campaigns:
    • Policy Review Postcards – Designed specifically for those professionals that want to add value by inviting their clients to schedule a policy review; clients will appreciate your ongoing interest in their changing lives!
    • "You Deserve the Best" Postcards – A great way to promote and grow your business by reminding prospects YOU are the best choice for all of their insurance needs.
  • Insurance Brochures – Education is more important than ever in our changing economy, and brochures are a great way to teach your clients about different insurance options for their particular situation. Brochures can be mailed to a database or handed out at the office or industry events. Topics include:
    • Renters' Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • or make your own Custom Brochure!

Selling Insurance: Expert

To really take your business selling insurance to the next level, build a network of professional referral partners and loyal customers who will consistently refer your services to others. Statistics show that top producers invest in themselves; critical to building their business is investing 10 to 20 percent back into it. These products will showcase your professional expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, helping you invest in your future:

  • Monthly Professional Referral Postcards - Keep in touch with your referral resources, add value to their business, and build your insurance business – all at the same time! Use a monthly postcard campaign like the "7 Steps to Success" series, which includes topics on improving prospect mailing, making use of websites, and increasing productivity.
  • Thank You Greeting Card Campaign – Let your clients know you appreciate their business with a card sent every six months for three years. Insert your business card or a gift card of your choosing; cards are sent out automatically and you are notified when one is being mailed for a follow-up phone call or email.

Marketing Products for Selling Insurance

In Touch Today has the products you need for selling insurance effectively and easily in today's market.  In addition to the products listed above, In Touch Today provides an array of marketing products and services for the insurance industry. Take advantage of our educational materials, including special reports and business building articles, to help you make the most of your insurance advertising.

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