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Text on Front: No matter which direction the mortgage industry takes... I'm still here for you.

Text on Back: It’s all over the news — mortgage lenders laying off hundreds and closing their doors, others cutting services. But folks are still buying and selling homes every day. As your lifelong agent, I am committed to providing you whatever you need to fill your real estate needs, regardless of the state of the mortgage market. And I’d love to provide the same to your friends and family as well. If you’re thinking of moving up or investing in real estate, or know someone who is, give me a call.

Text on Front: Predictions about the market are all over the place... But you can still count on me.

Text on Back: Given the recent media coverage of the turbulent mortgage and housing market, it is understandable that many homeowners are feeling concerned about the situation. The good news is, you don’t have to be! Folks are still buying and selling properties every day, and I plan to continue to meet your real estate needs for many years to come. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything at all.

Text on Front: It’s ok...I’m still here for you.

Text on Back: Some lenders may be closing their doors, but there are still loans to be had — and I’m still here to serve your real estate needs. If you’re thinking about moving up, I’d love to help. Rates are at near historic lows and there are loads of fantastic properties on the market, so it’s actually a great time for many to explore their options. And remember, I appreciate your referrals. Please pass along my contact info to anyone you know in need of the assistance of a superior real estate professional.