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Professionals ask us regularly, “Where should I begin with my marketing?”

And the answer is always the same. Before you spend a nickel on other types of marketing, be sure you are contacting your past clients monthly. Past client marketing will pay for itself almost immediately and will give you an immediate return on your investment. In Touch Today clients have given testimonials on their marketing responses.

Did you know that 75% of homeowners forget your name just six months after closing?

People want to refer you (assuming you do a great job) to their friends and family members. This industry, more than any other, is based on trust. In a trust-based business people ask others for referrals before they trust someone out of the phone book.

Since keeping in touch with past clients is vital in this business, here is how to get started!

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Studies indicate that for maximum return, you should contact your database 12-17 times per year. However, we realize that each of our clients is unique. Some are just starting out in the business, and some are seasoned veterans. The beauty of our business is that you can select what best fits your needs - just be sure you are sending something. Here are our suggestions…

For the agent just starting in the business, or who may be on a limited budget, we suggest:

For the agent who wants to maximize their database and increase return on investment:

  For the agent who wants to take their business to the next level, or who wants to "differentiate themselves" in their client's and referral source's minds:

Smart agents market to their customers differently. If client A is more valuable to your business, why would you market to them the same way as client B who sends you two referrals each month? Below are a few suggestions about marketing to your various tiers; however you may customize these ideas to suit your own marketing style and budget.
For your Silver Clients
  Some clients may not send you regular referrals or repeat business often, but it is still important to keep in touch. We suggest:

For your Gold Clients
  Clients in this category repeat regularly and may refer friends & family occasionally. It is important to maintain more consistent and personal contact with Gold clients. We suggest:

  For your Platinum Clients
  Some clients you wish you could clone. They send regular referrals. They finance often. They're dreams to work with. These clients you want to market to often and personally. We suggest:

Are you looking for more insight about how to market effectively? Our “Marketing How-To” Archive provides practical tips and helpful resources to help you grow your business by marketing smart. New articles are always being added so be sure to check back regularly!

How Do I Begin...

  Marketing to Professional Referral Sources?
      Who are my professional referral sources?
How do I make my first contact?
What valuable offers can I provide?
How can I help keep the relationship successful?
  Marketing to Prospective Clients?
      What is prospecting?
Is prospecting right for my business?
How much prospecting is right for you?
How do I obtain a list of prospects?
How do I decide who to prospect to?
What message should I send to my prospective clients?
Is there any way to improve my response rate?
What is the best way to reach my prospects?
  Marketing to Past Clients?  
      What are you doing to keep the customers you have worked so hard to obtain?
Will your clients really see YOU when they receive your marketing?
How do I maintain or develop my database?

Learn more about our target market strategies. While it is important to keep in touch with your past clients, you can’t forget about prospecting and professional referral relationships! Choose your target market below.

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