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See our Selection of Expired Listing Postcards Below:


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What could your Realtor have done differently?

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Was your Realtor less than dedicated to selling your home for the best price possible? If you are worried that shifting market conditions have affected the sale of your home, please be assured that I am exceptionally familiar with the current market trends. You have my word that I will devote myself to selling your home in the shortest time possible and at fair market value.

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Could your home have sold by now?

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Your last Realtor may have thought that your home is like every other home on the market — and tried to sell it that way. But did you know that the best Realtors have a specific plan of action for each home they sell? After all, you’ve worked hard to make it unique, and it should be sold as such! Call me today and we’ll work together to create a sales plan showcasing your home’s unique appeal.

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Maybe I can help?

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In today’s market you need a Realtor who adapts to changing situations quickly. Was your last Realtor flexible enough to meet those demands? Perhaps your timeline has changed? Your needs? Your budget? My strategic and flexible approach to selling your home allows me to do what is necessary to get the job done. Call me today and we’ll begin discussing effective options.


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Looking for a new Realtor?

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I noticed that your home still hasn’t sold. Did potential buyers even know it was on the market? They would have known if your agent had marketed your home properly. As a Realtor, I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive marketing plan that will ensure as many buyers as possible know that your home is available and fantastic. Don’t hesitate to call me and I’ll get the word out about your home!

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7 things your Realtor should have done to sell your home.

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Your last Realtor should have:

1. Thoroughly advertised your home.
2. Staged your property to sell.
3. Composed a “story” that buyers could fall in love with.
4. Gotten you the best possible price.
5. Been available when needed most.
6. Educated potential buyers on alternative financing options.
7. Been able to negotiate a tough sale.

I WILL do all this and more. Call me today!

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Your Listing just Expired

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Let’s face it, selling your home can be a challenging experience requiring a Realtor who is calm and confident in even the most trying situations. I can assure you, I am that Realtor. I have had experience negotiating numerous successful home sales in your area, and I can do the same for you. All that is required from you is that you pick up the phone and give me a call.