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$8,000 First Time Homebuyer Credit  |  $6,500 Repeat Homebuyer Credit  |  Tax Credit Benefits  |  State Specific Tax Credit

$8,000 First Time Homebuyer Credit

Be the first to educate prospects about the new $8000 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit. It is a great time to buy for folks sitting on the fence. Start contacting this niche ASAP with these exclusive postcards.




TC001 Tax Credit Postcard
TC002 Tax Credit Postcard
TC003 Tax Credit Postcard

$6,500 Repeat Homebuyer Credit

Contact your past clients AND prospects to notify them of the limited time $6500 tax credit available to Repeat Homebuyers! Tell them now is a great time to move up or downsize!




TC005-MR Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit Postcard
TC006-MR Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit Postcard
TC007-MR Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit Postcard



TC008-MR Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit Postcard
TC009-MR Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit Postcard

Tax Credit Benefits

(targets both first time and repeat buyers)


TC010-MR Tax Credit Postcard

State Specific

In addition to the $8000 Federal Tax Credit, California and Utah have approved measures to give even MORE benefit to homebuyers today. If you live in or market to either of these states, be sure they know there is the potential for them to get even more money in their pocket by purchasing a home right away!



TC004CA-MR Tax Credit Postcard
TC004UT-MR Tax Credit Postcard