Special Reports


Section I - The Basics

  1. NEW Why Marketing is NOT an Option
  2. How To Start Marketing
  3. Preparing to Write Your Business Plan
  4. Your Database: The Lifeblood of Your Business
  5. Database Checklist
  6. NEW What Kind of Response Should I Expect from My Mailings?

Section II - The Backbone

  1. NEW Rounding Up Referrals: Scripts & Tips
  2. 10+ Mistakes (The Worst) Originators Make
  3. NEW How to Take the "Work" out of Networking

Section III - Maximizing Current Clients

  1. How Do I Begin Marketing to Past Clients?
  2. NEW Creating Customer Loyalty
  3. 3 Steps to Get the Most from Your Database

Section IV - Getting New Clients

  1. Effective Prospecting
  2. How Do I Begin Marketing to Prospects?
  3. Teach Your Way to Success
  4. Targeting First Time Homebuyers
  5. First Time Homebuyer Niche Still Hot
  6. Generating Unending Referrals From Affinity Marketing
  7. Tapping into the FHA Market
  8. Targeting the Credit Challenged Borrower
  9. Finding Your Niche
  10. Targeting Neighborhoods
  11. Targeting the Reverse Mortgage Market
  12. NEW Targeting Newlyweds
  13. Targeting Loan Types

Section V - Marketing to (or with) Other Professionals

  1. NEW Partner Up
  2. How Do I Begin Marketing to Referral Sources?
  3. Reaching Realtors Through Effective Marketing Campaigns

Section VI - Marketing Tips and Ideas

  1. How Much Should You Advertise?
  2. 10 Great Mortgage Marketing Ideas to Implement Today
  3. NEW Low-Cost (even free) Marketing Ideas
  4. NEW The One Hour Marketing Plan
  5. Boost Your Business in 30 Days
  6. Marketing Pro or Marketing Schmo?
  7. 21 Ways to Use Brochures
  8. Brochures That Sell the Sizzle
  9. NEW 5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing
  10. Smart Marketing in a Slower Market
  11. The Art of the Offer Report

Section VII - Digital Marketing

  1. Marketing Your Website

Section VIII - The Metaphysics of Marketing

  1. The Biggest Secret of Success
  2. The First Secret to Real Success