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See our Selection of Loan Modification Postcards Below:

Do you have clients who can't refinance? Loan modification may be the answer!

Perhaps their equity is too low for a refinance due to falling home prices in their area, a negative amortization loan or a combination of the two. Maybe their adjustable rate ARM is causing a monthly payment that is placing hardship on their family. Maybe they lost their job and can no longer make their mortgage payments so they're in danger of foreclosure.

These people need your help!

The government is encouraging note holders to modify the terms of loans which are past due or in danger of becoming past due. This opens up a new niche for loan officers who want to use their expertise to help these folks improve their situations through negotiation. Loan modifications are hot and getting hotter, so don't miss out on your piece of the action and this opportunity to build loyal clients for life!

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LM001-M Loan Modification Postcard
LM002-M Loan Modification Postcard
LM003-M Loan Modification Postcard