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Online Order Forms:
Newsletter Information:

You can customized the back half page of our newsletters. Choose one of our templates (below) or create your own.

Template Ideas for the Customized Portion of our "Clients for Life" Newsletters:

Template Ideas for the Customized Portion of our "Professional Image" Newsletters.

Logos and Photos:

You can send us your photo and/or logo (if applicable) two ways. You can email it to orders@intouchtoday.com (for help, click here). Or, you can mail it to us and we will scan it in free of charge. We will return photos back to you. Mail to: In Touch Today Corporation, Attn: Orders,  555 Alter Street, Unit 19-D, Broomfield, Colorado 80020


If applicable, email your database to data@intouchtoday.com or mail it to: In Touch Today Corporation, Attn: Orders, 555 Alter Street, Unit 19-D, Broomfield, Colorado 80020. For Database Help, click here.

Note about Return Address Standardization:

If you would like to expedite the delivery and/or return of your mailed pieces, please visit the United States Postal Service Website to check your return address. The USPS website will list your address in the "Standard Format" that should be used when mailing.

Payment Information :
  • We accept

Additional Info :
  • Turnaround time on orders 7-10 days for imprint only, 10-14 days for mailings.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed. We will not share your information with anyone. Any outside vendor working for ITTC is also required to guarantee confidentiality
  • Note: changed fees are charged if your setup information changes. Changed setup fees are $15 for postcard or newsletters, $5 for Mortgage Matters or Digital Newsletter
  • For more questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

PS - At In Touch Today, we realize the databases and information you email to us is critical to your business. Therefore we want you to know we respond to all emails (with an email response) within one business day. If you do not receive a response within that time, assume we did not receive your email and forward it to us again.