Mortgage Matters

Our "professional option" allows every Realtor, builder, CPA on your list to receive Mortgage Matters via email every Monday morning from their favorite loan officer - you!

Each issue reviews the past week's economic news, tracking shifts and detailed, easy to read articles identifying the events that drove the market. They will also be updated on the week's upcoming economic indicators - even noting the significance of each economic event.

Your name, logo and phone number are included in this document. Simply provide us a list of the email addresses you'd like this to go to weekly, and we'll do the rest.


Are you looking to add value and increase your professional referral source contacts? Are you ready to recruit new professionals to your organization? Our Professional Postcards are a great way to keep in contact with your referral resources, add value to their business, and build your business. 

12 Card Referral Source Greeting Card Campaign

A program to keep in touch with your professional referral sources (Realtors, CPAs, Financial Planners, etc.) that they (and you) will LOVE! These 12 greeting cards will be hand-signed, hand-addressed and mailed (either monthly or quarterly). Business cards inserted are optional. Purchase the campaign or order cards in bulk. Click here to view entire selection.

Joint Marketing

One of the ways you can offer Realtors added value is to co-market with them. It lets you cut your prospecting costs in half (theirs too!) Some strong joint marketing ideas are:

For a step-by-step guide about how to get started joint marketing, information about how to successfully co-marketing, and how establish a successful partner relationship, view our Joint Marketing Start Up Guide.

If you'd like to download a FREE PowerPoint Presentation to educate your Realtors on the benefits of marketing, click here.