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No matter which market you are targeting, past clients, prospects or referral sources, the same rule applies. You MUST consistently market to increase your business.


85% of clients are lost because they don’t feel cared about.
Recent studies conclude that 93% of purchasers are satisfied with the agent/lender they used, but only 11% buy from them again- because they don't remember their name.
71% of Real Estate and Mortgage transactions are generated from repeat and referral business.
Top professionals state that 54% of their business comes from their professional referral sources.

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Marketing to Past Clients

Before you spend a dime on marketing, you need to be sure you are marketing to your past clients. Below are some tools to help you get started, get new ideas and develop an effective marketing plan.

Special Reports

How To Start Marketing
Direct Mail Response Rates

Educational Presentations

The One Hour Marketing Plan
Mortgage Marketing 101
Using Presentations to Build Your Business
Increase Your Business: Build Your Database

Marketing to Prospective Clients

While it is important to market to your past client database, it is also important to continue to build your database by prospecting for new clients. Below are step by step tools to help you determine what niche market is right for you, how to execute a marketing plan, and tips to keep new business coming in.

Special Reports

Prospecting New Clients
Direct Mail Response Rates
Maximizing Homebuyer Seminar Potential

Educational Presentations

Finding Your Niche
Targeting First Time Homebuyers
Targeting the Credit Challenged
Targeting Real Estate Investors
Targeting the Reverse Mortgage Market
How to Establish a Corporate Affinity

Marketing to Professional Referral Sources

Referral sources have the potential to bring you OVER HALF of your annual business! Connecting with, and effectively working with quality professional referral sources is a valuable addition to your marketing plan. Each relationship is different, so we have put together helpful resources for you to add value to your business by building successful partnerships.

Special Reports

Reaching Realtors
Rounding Up Referrals

Educational Presentations

Successful Co-Marketing
Reaching and Keeping Realtors
Creating Working Relationships with Attorneys
How to Establish a Corporate Affinity
Using Presentations to Build Your Business