Mail Dates

· Directly Shipped on the 7th of each month
· Mailed to your Database on the 15th of each month*
· *Postcards are mailed first class, so your clients will receive the postcards 2-5 days after mailing.

· Directly Shipped on the 10th of each month
· Mailed to your Database on the 20th of each month*
*Newsletters are mailed standard rate, so your clients will receive the newsletters 7-14 days after mailing.


Deadline for corrections, changes, and cancellations: 20th of month prior to order month. For example, to cancel or change an order for October, ITT must have your information by September 20th.

Cancellations: A service fee will apply to cancellations made after the above 20th deadline date. ($10.00 for service/membership and/or $35.00 for printed product) Cancellations are to be made in writing using the ITT cancellation form and will not be granted if after the below dates:

Mailing Month
(including digital newsletter, mortgage matters, database maintenance and/or printed product)

No Cancellations After

Feb 1/20
Mar 2/20
Apr 3/20
May 4/20
Jun 5/20
July 6/26
Aug 7/29
Sept 8/20
Oct 9/20
Nov 10/20
Dec 11/20
Jan 12/20

Changes include:
· Postcard/Newsletter layout changes: i.e. new photo, address, phone, etc.
· Quantity Changes: if order is direct ship
· Change to regular schedule mailing: i.e. If you normally receive the monthly Lender for Life Postcard but would like to change to recipe for that one month, or cancel for that one month, etc.

Deadline for database submission: 20th of month prior to mailing month.


The credit card we have on file is charged on the first of the month for that month's mailer. For example, your credit card is charged on August 1st for the August postcard or newsletter.

How to Read the Receipt

Click here for a breakdown of the receipt