At In Touch Today, we understand the challenges of marketing your company.

This is why we offer corporate solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. Some of the benefits we may be able to offer you as a corporate client include:

  • Marketing education – The biggest challenge with marketing is knowing what to do. Especially when it comes to choosing and developing a niche, expanding referral partners, and writing a marketing plan.

  • Special discounted pricing – We offer five pricing levels to enable you and your LOs to benefit from the numbers of people ordering.

  • Custom designs – You may choose to work with us to develop custom products exclusively for your company. Our staff of designers and writers is expert at following a style or brand with creative flair.

  • Compliance approval assistance - We will work directly with your compliance department to ensure all of the products you chose to use are compliant to the standards of your company.

Why else should you consider partnering with In Touch Today?

  • Vast product selection - 3,000+ products have been developed specifically for the home financing and home buying industries.

  • Consistent branding- It is important for a company to brand themselves in the marketplace. By using our products your company will not only display a consistent brand, but will be known for honoring your clients with high quality, creative and useful products.

  • Flexibility in ordering and paying - We know that every company is different. That is why we work with you one-on-one to determine the best plan for your team and your bottom line. We can work through a marketing manager or with each person individually, offer packages and mailing programs or allow each professional to choose ala cart.

  • Complete Confidentiality - We know how valuable your data is, and we have installed state of the art security to keep it safe. We guarantee your information is protected with us.

Whether or not you have an in-house marketing department, you can benefit by partnering with In Touch Today. Why? In Touch Today offers a complimentary menu of products that can assist your LOs in rounding out their marketing efforts and expanding into new markets. We offer products you are not likely to find in an in-house department, such as:

  • Specialized niche products – such as reverse mortgage, FHA, newlyweds, first time homebuyers, tax credits, investment property owners, FSBOs, and many

  • Spanish products – for your Hispanic population.

  • Specialty products - magnets, wallet cards, calendars, and labels. Have a request? If possible we will fulfill it.

  • PowerPoint seminars - Education is important for your clients too. We make home buying, credit, and many other seminars easy and inexpensive.

  • Greeting cards – for everything from major holidays to congrats on your approval. Dozens of mortgage-specific designs, or let us create a custom design for your company.

  • Brochures – for every home financing and buying situation imaginable. Even custom personal brochures.

When you integrate In Touch Today into your corporate marketing strategy, you double, triple or more your marketing resources. We become your marketing team and join forces to strategize how to successfully meet your goals. We will coach you on education and presentation of marketing ideas to your LOs.