Low Cost Solutions
referral campaign

The ultimate in automated marketing!

You - Send in your client's closing information.

We - Print a beautiful digitally signed (with your signature) greeting card with matching envelopes, address in a calligraphy font, stamp (with a real stamp) and mail (within 5 days of receiving your client's data).

Then, every 6 months we send another - for a full three years!

Bonus!! We will email you that the card has been sent.

Second Bonus!! If you are co-marketing with another professional, you each pay half (billed separately) and we email them too! (They will be forever grateful to you that you have set up this brilliant campaign that goes on for three years and costs less than lunch!)

Third Bonus!! We will add yours (and your co-marketer's) business card(s) for free!

12 Card Professional Referral Source Campaign


Finally! A program to keep in touch with your professional referral sources (Realtors, CPAs, Financial Planners, etc.) that they (and you) will LOVE! These cards are printed with your digital signature (we scan your actual signature) and the envelopes are printed with a beautiful hand-writing font. We'll insert your business card and/or a gift card as well.

$45 per Realtor or referral source (paid in advance) covers all 12 cards including printing your digital signature (we scan your actual signature) and the envelopes are printed with a beautiful hand-writing font, stuffing, sealing, stamping and mailing! You choose if you would like the cards mailed monthly for one year or quarterly for three years.

All greeting cards are 5" x 7" and come with color coordinated envelopes.

This campaign is also available in a 6 card option for $25.00.

Card 1: RS00010

Text on front of card:

Peace of Mind
I guarantee one thing as your mortgage professional - no surprises.

Text inside card:
There is probably nothing more frustrating than receiving a phone call the day before closing letting you know there is a problem with your client's financing. As your mortgage professional, it would be my job to make sure there are no problems, and any potential glitch that comes up is handled and resolved immediately so that every closing proceeds smoothly and easily for you and for your clients.

Card 2: RS00020

Text on front of card:

Dependability is the solid foundation on which I've built my business.

Text inside card:
Let’s face it… the more you can depend on your lender to follow through on their commitments, the more successful you are free to become. I want you to know you (and your clients) can count on me 110%.

Card 3: RS00030

Text on front of card:

All the talent in the world won't take the place of commitment. I'm committed to earning a long-term relationship as your mortgage consultant.

Text inside card:
I want to discover what you look for in a mortgage professional, and provide those services. I want to offer solutions not just for the easy loans, but the more challenging ones as well. I want to support you whether the real estate market is up or down; by helping you brainstorm and implement ideas on growing your business and expanding your market share. I will do what it takes to earn (and keep) your business.

Card 4: RS00040

Text on front of card:

In a business that can change from hour to hour, knowledge is priceless.

Text inside card:
When to lock, what program best fits a client's needs, how to obtain the best rates… these are all questions that require more knowledge than simply taking a loan application.

If it's your desire to work with a mortgage professional who is educated, experienced and committed to finding the absolute perfect loan for your clients, I can help.

Card 5: RS00050

Text on front of card:

Every problem has its solution, and with a little imagination, I can find the perfect financing for any situation.

Text inside card:
Mortgage origination is not a science, and often requires creativity and imagination to get the job done right. To me there are no problem loans, only financing solutions which have not yet been tried. I approach each homebuyer uniquely; committed to making sure every loan gets financed. If you're looking for special care in providing the best product at the lowest possible rate for each and every one of your clients, give me a call.

Card 6: RS00060

Text on front of card:

I have the vision necessary to meet not just your current, but also your future goals.

Text inside card:
We all know taking care of business on a day to day basis is important, but what is equally, if not more important, is working on your business, instead of just in it. Know I am here to take expert care of your client's financing needs, and also to help you with your long-term business goals. Let's get together to strategize, brainstorm ideas and create a plan to build the business success you know is possible.

Card 7: RS00070

Text on front of card:

The first thing that I want my clients to know about me ... is that I care.

Text inside card:
It takes very little to make a client feel they are important, and yet a recent study showed it was one of the top three things homebuyers want from their mortgage professional. When you entrust your client's financing to me, you can be assured they will be treated with the utmost consideration and concern. Because the bottom line is - the more your clients feel I care, the more they feel you care.

Card 8: RS00080

Text on front of card:

There is no better teacher than experience and there is no substitute. My experience in the mortgage industry is my greatest strength.

Text inside card:
When a client is important (and they are all important), and you don't want last minute problems with a closing (and you never do) - it pays to work with a mortgage professional who has the experience to foresee and handle potential problems before they arise. Trust your clients to me, and you can rest assured the critical financing portion of your closings will be one thing you won't have to worry about.

Card 9: RS00090

Text on front of card:

When a loan is in process, everyone should know every detail every time.

Text inside card:
There are many things that are important when it comes to taking great care of your clients. But what tops the list is keeping them informed on what is happening with their loan. When someone is waiting for information on something as important as the financing of a new home, there can't be too much communication. You have my pledge to keep your clients (and you) informed each and every step of the way.

Card 10: RS00100

Text on front of card:

Sometimes the answer is in the product; sometimes it's in the application; and sometimes it's simply in gently guiding someone through the process.

Text inside card:
Whether your client is a first time homebuyer who may need a little TLC, or a seasoned investor who wants various mortgage/financial planning options, I am here to help. I believe it is important to both have the answers and to know when to use them. The bottom line is, my job is to make you look good!

Card 11: RS00110

Text on front of card:

The bottom line is, it's always my responsibility to make certain a home financing proceeds smoothly.

Text inside card:
When it comes to securing home financing for your clients, I take full responsibility for every aspect of the mortgage. From getting the best possible rate, to getting it done in a timely fashion, I will be there to make sure it happens - every step of the way.

Card 12: RS00120

Text on front of card:

Working together, we can accomplish more than the sum of our individual efforts.

Text inside card:
My goal is to establish a partnership in which we plan and grow our businesses together. I'd like to help you build the business of your dreams - using strategic alliances, creative marketing and solid planning. No matter what your vision of your ideal business is… let me help create it.