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recruitment campaign

The ultimate in automated marketing!

You - Send in your client's closing information.

We - Print a beautiful digitally signed (with your signature) greeting card with matching envelopes, address in a calligraphy font, stamp (with a real stamp) and mail (within 5 days of receiving your client's data).

Then, every 6 months we send another - for a full three years!

Bonus!! We will email you that the card has been sent.

Second Bonus!! If you are co-marketing with another professional, you each pay half (billed separately) and we email them too! (They will be forever grateful to you that you have set up this brilliant campaign that goes on for three years and costs less than lunch!)

Third Bonus!! We will add yours (and your co-marketer's) business card(s) for free!

4 Card Recruitment Campaign

If you are genuinely interested in recruiting quality professionals to join your company, we highly recommend utilizing these well-designed and discerning Recruiting Greeting Cards. Each card will be printed with your customized text in an elegant handwriting font. The cards can be sent monthly for four months or quarterly for one year.

This greeting card campaign provides you a great way to keep in constant contact with your prospects. Show them that you truly desire them to be a part of your organization.

All greeting cards are 5" x 7" and come with color coordinated envelopes.

Card 1: GC00604

Text on front of card:

a brilliant opportunity

Card 2: GC00605

Text on front of card:

you would love it here...

Card 3: GC00606

Text on front of card:

don't forget us...

Card 4: GC00607

Text on front of card:

we haven't forgotten you...