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See our Selection of "You Deserve the Best" Postcards Below:

Each of the postcards in the “You Deserve the Best” postcard series was specifically designed for insurance industry professionals who want to market their commitment to excellent service as an added value for their clients.

The "You Deserve the Best" postcard series is a great way to promote, and grow, your insurance business by convincing prospects to choose you and/or your agency for all of their insurance needs.

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insurance postcard INS010-I
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insurance postcard INS011-I
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insurance postcard INS012-I
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Text on Postcard Front: We offer more than just insurance...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: The attitude and service commitment of the agency you work with makes all the difference in your insurance experience. Our company is built on a network of knowledgeable and friendly agents who are eager to assist you whenever and wherever you need them. Give us a call and experience the difference working with us will make!

Text on Postcard Front: We’ll be here when you need us....because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: Misfortune can strike any time of the day or night. That’s why we want you to know that you can call on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’re paying for continuous coverage; shouldn’t you receive continuous service as well? We believe you should, and we’re standing by to assist you — by phone, email and web.

Text on Postcard Front: We strive for an “A+” in insurance....because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: There are a lot of sub-par insurance agencies out there. Don’t waste your time when you could be working with the best. Our company consistently receives the highest financial rating from A.M. Best, as well as rave reviews from our clients. Visit our website to read our client testimonials for yourself. Then give us a call and put us to work fulfilling your insurance needs. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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Text on Postcard Front: Lower rates without lower standards...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: Some insurance companies are able to lower their rates by skimping on quality of service. Not us! Our rates are low because we shop around for the best insurance products available, and then pass the savings on to you. We also back up our products with a continuous commitment to client satisfaction. For low rates and superior service, call us today!

Text on Postcard Front: We make insurance easy...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: Thinking about insurance is enough to make your head spin… if you don’t have a knowledgeable agent on your side. I’ll help you make sense of your options and ensure that you’re well-covered both now and for the future. My goal is to make the insurance process easy for you — maybe even fun — so let’s get started today.

Text on Postcard Front: Our agents are experienced...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: Did you know that some companies only require one week of training for their agents? How thoroughly could you learn anything in one week? This is why our agents complete hundreds of hours of coursework before they begin advising clients on their own. They thoroughly understand the multitude of products available and are able to guide you into the policies that are right for you. If you want to work with the best, call us today.


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Text on Postcard Front: Offices just around the corner...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: We know that you are busy, so we have convenient locations and extended business hours to make shopping for insurance easier on your schedule. In fact, you can even research your options and contact us online at midnight, if you happen to be up and thinking about insurance. However, we’d advise you to go back to bed and leave the research to us. We’ll be awaiting your call bright and early in the morning!

Text on Postcard Front: Your protection is our priority...because you deserve the best!

Text on Back: Bad things happen to good people, but a good insurance policy can keep them from becoming devastating. Your protection is our priority. We promise to stay on top of your changing insurance needs, process your claims promptly, and respond to all enquiries with the urgency they deserve. Think of us as your insurance bodyguards, looking out for you now and in the future.