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See our Selection of "Multi Policy Discount" Postcards Below:

Each of the postcards in the “Multi-Policy Discount” postcard series was specifically designed for insurance industry professionals who want to add value for their clients by helping them to save on their insurance premiums.

The "Multi-Policy Discount" postcard series is a great way to promote, and grow, your insurance business by educating your current clients on how to satisfy their additional insurance needs while saving on insurance premiums by adding policies.

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insurance postcard INS046-I
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insurance postcard INS047-I
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insurance postcard INS048-I
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Text on Postcard Front: Two is cheaper than one... Save with multi-policy discounts!

Text on Back: Did you know that more than one policy could result in lower rates? We offer discounted coverage when you sign up for multiple policies through our agency. Have two or three cars? You can save! Need to insure a car and a motorcycle or boat? You can save! Have homeowner’s insurance and a life insurance policy? You can save! It’s that simple, so call us for more information today.

Text on Postcard Front: A penny saved is a penny earned... Save with multi-policy discounts!

Text on Back: Your grandma may have told you, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and she was right! When you insure yourself, your family and all your belongings through us, you’ll save much more than pennies — you could save hundreds of dollars each year! And you’ll gain the added convenience of one business to deal with for all of your insurance needs, so you’ll save time as well. Give us a call and add another policy today!

Text on Postcard Front: We’re your one-stop shop... Save with multi-policy discounts!

Text on Back: We’ve enjoyed providing your current affordable insurance coverage, and we’d love to help you save even more with a multi-policy discount! Add another insurance policy, such mortgage life insurance, disability insurance, flood or fire insurance, and you could save hundreds of dollars in premiums this year alone. To learn more, just give us a call.